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Troubleshooting Oracle databases performance

Perform a real time diagnostic on Oracle databases

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Real time diagnostic and troubleshooting tool for Oracle performance.

Check item d.side Real-time diagnostic
d.side is a new generation performance tool for Oracle databases.

Check item d.side Connect. Detect.
The fastest way to an accurate view of your Oracle database situation. d.side points at the root cause, not the symptoms.

Check item d.side Troubleshooting : so fast from detection to resolution!
React, troubleshoot and solve your Oracle issues in a few seconds
thanks to a very easy-to-use interface.

Check item d.side Need Performance? Availability?
Reliable diagnostic performed 10x faster


Logo d.side

What our users say about d.side ?

  • The fastest tool to an accurate diagnostic
  • MTTR : dramatically reduce time from detection to resolution
  • Improve DBA productivity : a few clicks to understand and control the situation
  • Complete real time overall view : current SQL statements and wait events
  • Fast : react in seconds, not hours!
  • Intuitive user-friendly interface for troubleshooting
  • Accurate : fix root cause, not symptoms
  • Efficient : perform an instant, easy-to-understand and trustable diagnostic
  • Improve diagnostic reliability, using customizable activity profiles
  • Less than 5 minutes to install and start a real time diagnostic

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Technical Environment : Oracle Enterprise, Grid Control, Diag Pack, Rac, Awr
" It didn’t even take us 2 minutes to pinpoint the process that was using all the server IOs. Once we had stopped it, our schedule management was available again. Without d.side, we would have had to have waited a few dozen minutes before being able to interpret the Oracle Grid Control console data. "

Oracle DBA, Retail Business

Technical Environment :Oracle Enterprise, Précise, Sql Developer, Toad, CA Wily Introscope
" Thanks to d.side, we were able to identify a failure in our connection pool manager in less than a minute. This issue was real-time highlighted and we were able to kick off our promotion campaign 2 hours after the incident; just the time it took to modify and roll out the new code. Without d.side we would have been obliged to postpone the online availability of this promotional campaign by 48 hours. "

Oracle DBA, Airline

Technical Environment : Oracle Enterprise, Grid Control, Diag Pack, Rac, Awr
" d.side real-time detected a latch as well as its source. 30 seconds later, the session that had been hanging for a few dozen minutes was killed and the activity in our warehouses was resumed. "

Oracle DBA, Retail Business

Technical Environment : Oracle Enterprise, Grid Control, Diag Pack, Awr, CA Wily Introscope, App Dynamics
" Oracle platform service-time performance degradation. d.side’s “Check Activity” feature helped us real-time identify the ongoing rollback and time remaining which, in turn, enabled us to understand the situation and inform the client. "

Oracle DBA, Insurance Company

Technical Environment : Oracle Enterprise, Grid Control, Cloud 12c, Diag Pack, Awr, Sql developer, Toad, Orabase, dynaTrace
" Just 5 seconds to appraise a disk issue. Without d.side we wouldn’t even have seen it in our AWR reports. "

Oracle DBA, Tuning Experts Team, Digital Security Company

Technical Environment : Oracle Enterprise, Grid Control, Cloud 12c, Diag Pack, Awr, Toad, Sql Analyer
" d.side’s revolutionary business approach ensures that our Oracle applications are highly-available and allows us to implement a preventive strategy so that we are not affected by operating outages. "

Oracle DBA Team Manager, Services Company