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To make Oracle Database Troubleshooting accessible, fast and visual.

Because there were no equivalent solutions on the market: We brought up our expertise through more than 400 troubleshooting and performance missions at Oracle to create the next-generation software, smart and interactive.

Equipe D.SIDE software
Accessible, Rapide & Visuel – D.SIDE software – Performance Oracle
Accessible, Fast & Visual
20ANS – D.SIDE software – Performance Oracle
missions within 20 years of experience
Smart_analyzers – D.SIDE software – Performance Oracle
Smart Analyzers


It can discover what others can’t

From its comprehensive and graphical user interface, D.SIDE allows you to precisely examine and quickly understand your Oracle database status.

It provides a fast and specific answer to all Oracle performance issues, even the most complex.

With Interactive Replay, go back in time, access all the data, and change your viewpoints as if you were in real time…

Tableau de bord – D.SIDE software – Performance Oracle
Visualize – D.SIDE software – Performance Oracle.
Analyze – D.SIDE software – Performance Oracle
Diagnose – D.SIDE software – Performance Oracle
Share – D.SIDE software – Performance Oracle


Smart and Interactive

Now, time can flow back and forth!
Relive the past, analyze and capture the parameters at the chosen moment, pause, change your viewpoints as if you were in real time.
Access all data within one single, straightforward, visual and innovative interface.
Install and get started within minutes
No agent | No server | Available on Oracle Enterprise & Oracle Standard | No Oracle license requisite
Replay chrono – Performance Oracle


FOCUS – D.SIDE software – Performance Oracle


The cause of your performance issues is instantly highlighted within a simple, visual interface. Do not waste time focusing on the symptoms.

SMART_ANALYZERS – D.SIDE software – Performance Oracle

Smart Analyzers

All situations, from the simplest to the most complex, are supported by our smart analyzers:
IOs, Locks, Buffer Cache, Shared Pool, Redo Logs, Transactions, Undo, Temporary Space, RAC, Network…

HEALTH_CHECK – D.SIDE software – Performance Oracle

Health check

Remove wrong investigations at a glance.

COMPRENEZ le problème – D.SIDE software – Performance Oracle


A batch becomes too long? An execution plan has changed? Look no further; understand right away and visually the root cause of your performance degradation before the problem reoccurs.

PARTAGE & COLLABORATION – D.SIDE software – Performance Oracle

and collaborating

Whatever your job, exploit what you need, and share it with others.

SELF LEARNING PROFILE – D.SIDE software – Performance Oracle


In a few clicks, define your profiles and be alerted on any drifts.

DISPOSEZ de l’intégralité des données – D.SIDE software – Performance Oracle


Watch in details the sequence and flow of the operations. Change your viewpoint, access all past data as if you were in real time!
Relive the activity.

CONTROLE – D.SIDE software – Performance Oracle


Evaluate and control in real time the impact of your actions.


  • « D.side has brought us a real comfort in our job by automating our manual tasks of oracle diagnosis. Smart analyzers have allowed us to save a lot of time and relevance in our diagnoses. In addition, we get, in real time and from a single view, the performance issues. »

    Oracle DBA
    Oracle DBAServices Company
  • « 5 seconds to point a disk problem. Without d.side we did not even see it in our awr reports. »

    Oracle DBA, Tuning Team Experts,
    Oracle DBA, Tuning Team Experts,Digital Security Company
  • « 2 hours from the incident to resolving the oracle performance degraduation! This allowed us to launch a promotional campaign on our website, whereas it would have been postponed for 48 hours because of these problems. »

    Tech Lead,
    Tech Lead,Airline
  • « D.SIDE offers a truly innovative and unique approach to troubleshooting. It allows us to rely on a robust and smart tool accessible to any user types: from dba to application managers »

    Tech Lead,
    Tech Lead,Retail Company
  • « 1 second to get the variables of queries injected by my oracle e-business suite application! Without d.side i had to perform through tests / errors during my applicable diagnostics to reach a relevant combination more or less close to the business case. It could take me hours in the most complex cases for a result at sometimes approximate. With d.side i enhanced the relevance and rapidity of my analysis against the business applications »

    Application Manager,
    Application Manager,Oracle E-Business Suite
  • « 1 minute after launching a load test, detecting an undersized oracle sequence cache problem, and undetected in awr. 5 hours of time saving! Without it the team would have had to set up a test platform with more transactional throughput, while the d.side analyzer pointed the problem instantly. Without this highlighting, the application would have degraded performance in production. »

    Test & QA Manager,
    Test & QA Manager,Digital Security Company
  • « Diagnosing oracle database performance issues is dauntingly simple with d.side. It allows us to visualize in real time our databases pool and take appropriate measures so that they are always available. Our use of the solution in addition to other tools is a real operational success. »

    DBA Team Leader,
    DBA Team Leader,Airline


picto-ICON_POUR_TOUS – Dside-software – Performance Oracle


• Benefit from 20 years of expertise, thanks to our 17 Smart Analyzers
• Adopt a common language between the teams during your analyzes
• In the blink of an eye, watch the status of your Oracle database
• Get quick access to precise information
• Point out the cause of your degradations
• Ensure that problems will not happen again

• Understand and visualize your problems
• Gain more autonomy on a complex subject
• Export and bring indisputable proof of your problems in pictures
• Rely on a tool available at any time and in any situation
• Promote the DevOps approach
• Remove this critical lack of APM tools


• Guarantee your SLAs
• Increase your proactivity on your application performance
• Secure and visualize in real time the performance of a new release
• Accelerate the diagnosis during a crisis cell on your application
• Get in 1-click the variable binds values from the executed queries
• Be relevant to DBAs
• Simple and straightforward reading of even the most complex problems


• Visually bring a response to a delayed batch process
• In-depth understand the changes in the execution plan
• Secure your migrations in real time as in the test phase
• Have elements to understand a performance problem
• Use the export to relive the movie of the events on another base
• Share the movie with your application provider for an in-depth analysis

IT Manager

• Reduce your expertise costs
• Unify the skills in your teams
• Reducing the number of people involved in the Troubleshooting
• Guarantee at no additional cost a high level of expertise to your team
• Get immediate answers to all your performance issues
• Allow new team members to quickly increase in value


• Visualize in real time the impact of a load test
• Keep and compare your performance tests
• Give yourself a first level of reliable and relevant analysis
• Save the movie of your tests to foster collaboration with your Oracle experts
• Increase your efficiency and the number of delivered projects
• Test the impact of an infrastructure change on your Oracle database


D.SIDE supports you in the adoption of different types of cloud architecture:
Private, public and hybrid



Windows et Mac OS – D.SIDE software – Performance Oracle

Windows 32 or 64 bits (XP, 7, 8, 10)
Mac OS

Linux – Performance Oracle

Linux 32 or 64 bits

Java – Performance Oracle

Java 1.8

Driver JDBC Thin – Performance Oracle

The JDBC Thin driver comes with the D.SIDE license

Utilisation Disque – Performance Oracle

Disk space: Less than 500 Mb to install D.SIDE

Memory – Performance Oracle

RAM usage: About 256 Mb

Network – Performance Oracle

Less than 1MB exchanged per minute between D.SIDE and the Database

Oracle Database
Database – Performance Oracle

Versions: Oracle 10g, 11g and 12c.
Enterprise Edition (EE), Standard Edition (SE, SE2) and Standard One.
Do not use AWR or ASH,only free views, no needs for additional Oracle options.

Supported Oracle tools:Dataguard, RAC, ASM.

Privileges:SELECT on the Dictionary.
No risk of modification.

D.SIDE software

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